I think both space and time constitute this weird and incoherent mix of things. I’m sure I said that before. I am not sure whether in physics chaos can be generated by the overlap between different orders, but I would assume that, as long as that overlap is irregular (and obviously a relation between any two orders constitutes an order itself – or rather a “thing” to which the question of order can be applied), and/ or by different we really mean different (as in two things that cannot be reduced to each other): yes. The two conditions are actually probably equivalent.

One of my bosses is leaving. Weirdly I have three bosses, one of the consequences of a shareholder system. This is my fifth job, if I’m counting correctly, to which I can add a paid internship and two other temporary (also paid) positions. And a non-paid internship. In my previous job, where I stayed for less than a year, I have seen the change of more than half of the staff. At the job before, at an university, I have seen the heads of school, teaching and postgraduate studies all change within two years. And things continue to change here. In fact, I bet that in less than a year, I will see more than half of the staff of this company change as well. Sadly, I’ve got nobody to bet against. So in the end, life now is pretty nomadic. Even if I stay in place, the world moves. And what moves feels like a movie. An alternative way of explaining the sense of illusion that I get stopping or looking back (in and behind the herd of buffaloes): maybe the source is not related to either of the two . It’s got nothing to do with pause and the past. It’s a conflict between two anthropologies, so to speak: the nomadic and the sedentary. The memory of centuries of staying in place, our collective adaptations – and the sense of reality that resulted from them- are in conflict with what is going on now.

I am doubtful that I can entirely break this history on me. More so because I can in fact feel it breathe in me at times, as intently irreverent, superficial and deflecting as I may be about it. But conflict is but one of the viewing frames. I can assume the opposite, that nobody is fighting anybody, that at least in me I can choose a center. This is not the closing statement.


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